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The Farm

Family Run

Gallops Farm is a family run farm in its third generation. It is a traditional mixed farm with beef and arable which allows each to benefit from the other with a continuous cycle of activity.

Beef & Arable

Half of the farm is arable where Malting barley is grown. The seed is sowed around February and is normally harvested in August. If you happen to be here during harvest there will be plenty of action to watch with the combine sometimes operating late into the evening.

The barley is sold to make beer but we do also keep some on the farm to feed the beef cattle during the winter months.

The straw from the crop is also used to bed the cattle during the winter months when they are brought in from the fields and housed in cattle sheds. The manure the cattle produce in the cattle sheds is then spread back onto the arable fields to put nutrients back into the soil which will help with the following years crops.

There are usually around 100+ cattle on the farm. 40 of these make up the 'suckler' herd which we breed from. We have a Bazadaise bull, which is a French breed, he runs with the herd from May through to August then hopefully come the following February/March the suckler herd will give birth to healthy calves.

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