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Our Herd

We have around 50 friendly suckler cows, most of which are British Blue cross Fresian. We have two Bazadaise bulls that run with the herd around May/June. Our cows then calve around February/March. Our cows quiet, nice nature mean they are easy to work with making our job easier at calving. The little calves born grow into stunning beef cattle and are reared here on the Sussex Downs over the following couple of years.

Alongside the commercial herd we have a pedigree herd of Bazadaise producing all our bulls for the future. The Bazadaise breed (pronounced Baz-A-Day) originates from South-West France. The Bazadaise is very much a superior Beef Breed for its grass finishing ability, mobility, extended muscle and ease of calving and is gaining worldwide reputation for the fine flavoured low fat and well-marbled meat.

If you are staying during the months of February to April you may well get the opportunity to see a calf being born.